Defense Baby Wash

Defense Baby Wash

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The natural soothing formula features citrus oil, vanilla and 4 other important essential oils known to help relieve common skin irritations.

Defense Baby Body Wash Moisturizer & Shampoo 12 oz is an organic skin care formula specifically designed to meet the needs of all infant skin types and conditions. The result is a clean, refreshed and lustrous skin for baby. The soap contains no synthetic chemicals or dyes. It is made with all organic ingredients sourced from the most reputable and highest quality plantations from all over the world. These ingredients consist of natural essential oils proven to have soothing and therapeutic properties. It is the ideal soap for babies because it will not strip the skin of moisture, or damage its sensitive ecology.

Our unique formula also:

• Helps prevent the common causes of skin irritation • Soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin • Lathers and rinses clean • Maintains healthy skin flora • Keeps babies skin soft and supple

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