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Sponsored Athletes

Currently we are proud to be represented by the following European competition fighters and brand ambassadors.

Do you love our products and do you think that you should be on this list, send us a message with your accomplishments and why you deserve our sponsorship.

Competition Team

These are active adult competition fighters.

  • Tarik Hopstock
  • Oualid Sbai
  • Orlando Prins
  • Max Lindblad
  • Eldar Yakuza
  • Muujig Altantugs
  • Ezra Trotter
  • Sebastian Brosche
  • Ilke Bulut

Brand Ambassadors

These are black belts with a great following, actively participating in the BJJ community and most of them still compete occasionally.

  • Thomas Holtmann
  • Daan Westra
  • Andre Nunes
  • Henk Heneweer

More information on these athletes coming soon on this page!